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Jaw Relaxation Shields

Many of our patients visit us in persuit of a perfect smile – but teeth and jaw functioning can also impact other things, such as our mood, pain levels and how we sleep.

Jaw Relaxation

When your jaw muscles can’t relax they can become very tense and sore. This in turn can cause persistent jaw, facial and neck pain along with headaches and shoulder stiffness. One of the most common causes of this is stress and anxiety.

Around 10% of the population is suffering from bruxism – also known as tooth grinding. If this is you, you might find you have unrestful sleep, limited jaw movement upon waking or headaches. Prolonged tooth grinding can also increase the risk of tooth wear and breakage.

We would recommend relaxation injections (toxin injections).

Treatment involves injecting small doses of toxin directly into the jaw muscle, relax and weaken its strength. This then stops the process of teeth clenching and grinding and reduces the wear and tear on the teeth.

Teeth grinding