Skin tag remooval

Skin Tag Removal

From skin tags to discolouration, blemishes to the skin can make us appear older and affect our confidence.

At Southsea Skin Co., we offer a few treatments that can help, including:

1.CryoPen – Ceyosurgery Treatment

Cryosurgery is the fast, effective and safe removal of benign skin lesions, marks and moles that occur on the face and body.

Our CryoPen device’s ultra precise point delivers an ultra cold jet of high-pressure Nitros Oxide, which destroys the skin tissue by freezing the cell fluid and freezing its membrane. The treatment ensures excellent results for the complete removal of all benign skin lesions in just one treatment.

CryoPen treatment can be used aesthetically, but it can also be used to treat and remove skin lesions, such as skin tags and pigments, verrucae and warts. It’s a fast treatment that requires minimal after-care, so you can be back on your feet in no time.

2. Advanced electrolysis method.

We use an advanced electrolysis method that uses a tiny probe carrying an electric current to remove skin tags and moles permanently and without scarring.

Advanced electrolysis can also be used for facial thread veins and age spots too.